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WE are RESCUED FOR LIFE, a 501(c)(3) federal non-profit
charitable animal rescue based in Aurora, Co. We are committed to
the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of dogs who might otherwise
be euthanized in shelters. Once a dog has entered our program, we
make certain that dog has been rescued for life.
Please meet our dog of the week...Bianca
Mama Bianca is waiting to be rescued...
" I hoped rescue would come
and they did... miracles do happen!"
Beautiful Bianca has spent her life searching. She had been on the streets for
sometime. Searching for food and a safe place to have and care for her puppies.
It was hard. She was found barely alive next to a garage with two pups. She
had obviously been searching for anything to nourish her emaciated body so she
could nurse her pups. Unfortunately, one of the puppies passed away right there
by the garage. Bianca was too weak to move. Her and her surviving pup, Hope,
were found and taken to the pound. Once again Bianca was searching for a
miracle. The pound only would give her and her pup a few days to find a rescue
or they would be euthanized. Rescued For Life couldn't let this sweet mom and
her pup, that had survived so much hardship, loose their lives at the shelter.
Bianca and Hope were saved in the nick of time. When they came to RFL they
were nourished back to health with good food and love. Bianca doesn't hold a
grudge against anyone over her previous hardship. She loves everyone. She is
extremely affectionate. She has gotten along well with every dog she has meet.
She loves walks and is quickly learning basic commands. She lets you know
when she needs to potty. At 2 years young she has a lot of love to give. At 5
4 lbs.,
she isn't too big or too small.
Now little Hope is old enough to start looking for her own home.
Bianca is searching for her own forever home to share her love and appreciation
of life. This gentle sweet survivor deserves only the best. Could you be the family
to end Bianca's search for the life she so deserves?
Bianca's  puppy Hope
...and hope was all they had.
...all grown up now and ready
to find a home loving home!