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WE are RESCUED FOR LIFE, a 501(c)(3) federal non-profit
charitable animal rescue based in Aurora, Co. We are committed to
the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of dogs who might otherwise
be euthanized in shelters. Once a dog has entered our program, we
make certain that dog has been rescued for life.
Please join our team and help us save more lives in 2015 !

If you were homeless, think of all the people who would help you. Your family, friends,
neighbors, coworkers, churches; people and places that are built to serve as a safety net
when you have nowhere else to turn.  
Now imagine that you are a helpless dog, suddenly homeless. Who is there to rescue
you? The friends and family you had are gone and there is no one who will step forward.
Instead you are forced to scrounge for food, eating scraps and trash until one day, you
end up at a Shelter not knowing if you survive. Rescued for Life is the support net for
animals that have nowhere to go.

At Rescued for Life, we work with interested volunteers to get homeless animals their
forever home. We feed them, give them love, buy them toys, and wait with them until
their new family walks through the door. We need to join forces and keep homeless
animals- animals who merely want affection and a stable home- away from euthanasia.
In 2015, we need people like you to make a difference; people who want to help but
don’t know how. By supporting a no-kill rescue like Rescued for Life, you not only make
a statement against euthanasia, you help animals and your community.

Join forces with Rescued for Life and make a difference. Volunteer with us to help
homeless animals. The day you first say goodbye to a dog you’ve loved as they go home
to a new and happy family will be a day that you never, ever forget.

Rescued for life is a great place to bond with family members! What better way to
become closer as a family than bringing your children, spouse, parents, or friends with
you to help volunteer? Make a commitment to Rescued for Life just once a week for a
few hours and build up the relationship with people you love.  You will feel great about
what you are doing and if you can only give a few hours a week, you will be helping
both yourself and a charitable organization like Rescued for Life.

Volunteer positions at Rescued for Life are varied.  From foster care homes to
adoptionevent assistants, Rescued for Life has varying needs for volunteers.
If interested,

Imagine that you are a homeless dog; wouldn’t you like more human volunteers to play
with and keep you off the streets and away from shelters that euthanize animals?
Wouldn’t you want someone like yourself volunteering?