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WE are RESCUED FOR LIFE, a 501(c)(3) federal non-profit
charitable animal rescue based in Aurora, Co. We are committed to
the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of dogs who might otherwise
be euthanized in shelters. Once a dog has entered our program, we
make certain that dog has been rescued for life.

Becoming a Sponsor

Yes, it's true, we had an article with the same subject matter last month,
but sponsorship is such an important way for you, our donors to connect
with our foster pups!  It's also an important way for us to  ensure we meet
the day-to-day needs of the dogs in our care.

Becoming a sponsor doesn't just mean you donate money for veterinary
visits, or grooming, it means that you are providing the basic necessities for
a dog of your choice.  When you sponsor a dog, you're ensuring that they
have a healthy diet, a leash for going on walks, a soft bed to sleep on, and
chew toys to play with.

Monthly sponsorship can also make a great gift for someone in your life who
has always wanted a dog, but for whatever reason has never been able to
adopt one.  By becoming a monthly sponsor in someone else's name, they
can say that they made some dog's new life possible.  Your niece, nephew,
godchild, or friend, can look at the picture of a pup like Sarah, above, and
know that they helped her on her journey to finding a permanent home with
a loving family.

Monthly sponsorship starts at just $5 per month!  That's only $60 per
year; that's less than an Amazon Prime membership!